5 Arena Mirrors Installed

6 April 2022 (displayed till 29 June 2022)


TOTAL of Five Dressage Training Mirrors Installed in YOUR arena
you can actually have 2 vertical and 3 on centre if you prefer

The benefits of using arena mirrors
* To make sure you’re sitting correctly in the saddle.
* To monitor whether your horse is working in a correct outline.
* To check whether movements are being ridden accurately.
* To check is your horse is straight.
* To check the accuracy of your lateral work.
* To see if your horse is working properly through his back.
* To check if the hindlegs are properly engaged.
* To ensure your rein contact is even.

Are you Halts Square?
Looking to perfect your shoulder in?
Need to assess and improve your horses outline ?
How is the hind leg coming through
Monitor angle and bend in lateral work
What about your posture?
Perfect all this and more by adding Mirrors to your arena

We have some great offers online on supply and supply and fit so have a look at our webshop today

Pre Order or Badminton offers now - supply or supply and installation

Five Mirrors installed £4595

Mirrors for Training manufacture the toughest arena mirrors - they are different because they are a three layer system - glass on its own is not tough enough for use outdoors - our mirrors have not only the specialist  safety backing to British Standard (this safety backing ensures that no large shards of glass come away should the mirror have an impact). They have an impact 12mm density core impact layer  (absorbing any shock, this prevents breakages, flex and distortion)They are a generous size 2440 x 1220 (8ft x 4ft) Our arena mirrors are encased within a sealed tough galvanised framed unit on sides and the back of the mirror preventing water ingress

3 year guarantee

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