5 Arena Mirrors Professionally Installed BD Special Offer

15 July 2021 (displayed till 14 July 2022)


5 Arena Mirrors Professionally Installed in your arena
Option of 5 in a Line Vertical or Horizontal
or 2 vertical and a bank of 3 on centre

Contact us for a quote to make this a whole 20m shortside (9 mirrors)

An incredibly useful training aid, arena mirrors give you immediate feedback on your riding, boosting your confidence and improving your horse’s way of going.
Most riders would love to have a trainer with them each time they ride, but realistically this isn’t possible. The visual feedback that comes from in an arena with mirrors can really help you monitor your riding, progress between lessons and give you the confidence to school on your own.

The benefits of using arena mirrors
* To make sure you’re sitting correctly in the saddle.
* To monitor whether your horse is working in a correct outline.
* To check whether movements are being ridden accurately.
* To check is your horse is straight.
* To check the accuracy of your lateral work.
* To see if your horse is working properly through his back.
* To check if the hindlegs are properly engaged.
* To ensure your rein contact is even.

Did you no not all Mirrors are the same -
Our mirrors are fabricated at our factory in the midlands. Supplied encased in sealed glavanised steel frame & backing as standard & with an impact core! Generously sized 8ft x 4ft
We know how important safety is especially when using mirrors outdoors!
The impact core absorbs any shock, flex and prevents breakages - the overall thickness is 21mm thick!

Steer clear of anyone who does not manufacture mirrors - mirror glass on its own is NOT suitable for USE OUTDOORS!

TOUGH AND STRONG for USE OUTDOORS as ours are STEEL ENCASED and have an Impact Core - 3 Layer System
Perfect clarity reflection
no ugly distortion

Mirrors for Training Ltd have been established for over 17 years - the name you can trust we are Mirror Experts!
We Supply and Install throughout Europe

£3895 + Delivery INC VAT -

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