Equi rubber Equestrian Surface

20 April 2021 (displayed till 20 December 2022)
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Equirubber Surface £80per tonne + delivery + VAT special BD offer delivered within 2 weeks
EquiRubber' the best arena surface you and your horse could ask for”

Our Equi rubber is manufactured in the UK from recycled tyres – it is 99.9% wire and dust free. The raw product is shredded through a specialist granulator to give 20mm of product and then follows a stringent cleaning process, and high powered magnets to ensure all the wire is removed – so you receive good grade of washed and wire free quality product.
EquiRubber Surface provides optimal traction and shock-absorption that lessens the strain on horses and riders. All horses will train comfortably on Equirubber surfaces, protecting their legs and minimizing bone injury.
Equi Rubber surfaces provide a much safer surface in the event of rider falls, as it provides a cushioned non-slip surface that is safe for both the horse and the rider.
EquiRubber is easy... to Install, low maintenance, longer lasting reduces dust and mud, and rodent infestation, 
A longer lasting alternative to wood chip or fibre. EquiRubber surface requires less maintenance, and is less likely to become waterlogged or dry out. 
The greatest advantage of all is that EquiRubber surface will not freeze: frozen arenas can be a major problem for owners, who often want to ride early on winter mornings and could lose valuable riding time for days.
We supply 1000’s of equestrian arenas each year – and it is also popular for use in lunge-pens and gallops – and is safe and used in childrens play areas.


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