FIVE Arena Mirrors Installed in your Arena

17 February 2022 (displayed till 16 February 2023)


Set of Five Arena Mirrors Installed in Your Arena £4395 plus delivery
choice of 5 in a row or 2 vertical and 3 on centreline

The specification of our Mirrors for Training Arena Mirrors are very high quality 6mm safety backed to British Standard (this safety backing ensures that no large shards of glass come away should the mirror have an impact). They are a generous size 2440 x 1220 (8ft x 4ft) Our arena mirrors are encased within sealed within a tough galvanised framed unit on sides and the back of the mirror preventing water ingress and have an impact layer 12mm (absorbing any shock, this prevents breakages, flex and distortion) and we installed on tilt brackets.

Installations quoted cover standard groundworks - (if you have an arena installed on rock/granite and is too tough for our post hole borer it may be an additional costs to get the holes dug ) if this is the case you may want to dig a test hole. Additional costs to cover more industrial diggers may be required. So an additional charge to cover these costs if necessary ( this is rarely the case but we have to advise.)

We require 1m level clearance behind the arena as all structures have back leg and cross bracing supports to ensure the structure is braced and fit to withstand high wind loadings. All the timber we use is tanalised and the mirrors are installed on a tilt bracket which is angled to your individual requirements. ( no problem if you dont have level clearance we would need to see photos and requote additional timber )

Our mirrors are installed in a unique way that prevents them failing in strong winds our arena mirror system - the mirrors are drilled into the brackets this really secures the mirrors and enables them to withstand strong winds

Mirrors for Training system of mirrors is extremely durable and weather retardant - also we offer a re–mirroring service so this is a long life product

We offer a 4 year warrantee on all of our installations.

Are you Halts Square?
Looking to perfect your shoulder in?
Need to assess and improve your horses outline ?
How is the hind leg coming through
Monitor angle and bend in lateral work
What about your posture?

perfect all this and more by adding Mirrors to your arena
Self Evaluation of your training - daily - so much easier to do with mirrors

Did you no not all Mirrors are the same -
Our mirrors are fabricated at our factory in the midlands. Supplied encased in sealed glavanised steel frame & backing as standard & with an impact core!
We know how important safety is especially when using mirrors outdoors!
The impact core absorbs any shock, flex and prevents breakages - the overall thickness is 21mm thick!
Perfect clarity reflection
no ugly distortion
and supplied with easy fit brackets .

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